Our Bird Proofing Team is highly experienced, dedicated and outstanding! The guys can keep birds of any building structure, safely and humanely!

We have a range of products that we use from tensioned wires, spikes, netting and much more.

Just recently we successfully completed our first Humane bird control project of 2018.

The customer was having problems with pigeons defecating on staff and customers from the safety of the roof joists in a large 100 metre long warehouse.

We have fitted a net to the entire underside of the roof leaving the pigeons nowhere to roost.

The net installation is an outstanding job, barely visible from the ground and perfectly tensioned to prevent sagging.We have also fitted zips under the lights to allow for maintenance.

Completed exactly as promised and on time!

Healthguard Ltd
Picture: Chris Vaughan Photography
Date: January 19, 2018

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