Rats – Weils disease and staying safe.

Over the last five years at Healthguard we have recorded unprecedented instances of rats in Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire areas. Most people are distressed when rats are present in their [...]


Honey Bees in danger

The National Bee Unit has confirmed a sighting of the Asian hornet, Vespa velutina in the Bury area of Lancashire. It was spotted by a member of the public in an item of food, which has since [...]


Invasion of the flying Ants!

Look out UK, Flying Ant Day is nearly upon us. Flying Ants can commonly be seen in July so tie down those picnic hampers……… Despite the name ”Flying Ant Day” the flying ant season can last for [...]



As we move into the summer months one of the most common problems for our pets (and in turn for ourselves) is fleas. The warm temperatures and high humidity are ideal conditions for fleas to [...]


The Wasps and the Bees

The Wasps and the Bees As summer approaches we will start to see more Bees and Wasps around.  Nests are built and the presence of both types of insect can effect both home and work environments. [...]


Humane Bird Control Project

We have just successfully completed our first Humane bird control project of 2018. The customer was having problems with pigeons defecating on staff and customers from the safety of the roof [...]

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