At Healthguard Hygiene Services we offer highly fashionable, sleek looking, slim line disposal units. The units are serviced on site, in the privacy of the washroom. All waste is then taken out to our vehicle in a modesty bag by our smartly dressed operatives. Complete discretion is our aim.

Gone are the days when an unsightly sanitary bin stood in the corner of the washroom causing further embarrassment by being carried out to a van by service personnel.

Our disposal units are foot pedal operated offering ‘hands free disposal’. All units contain a liner with a fresh scented chemical treatment and are thoroughly sanitized at each visit using an anti-bacterial air conditioner and sanitizer.

Service will be provided by the same service technician to avoid disturbing your staff by asking where all the washrooms are located. A customer folder is left with reception containing Duty of Care certificate and a Service Record Sheet where every visit is signed and dated.

Please contact us for a competitive quotation against your existing contractor.

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