It’s a fact that rodents can carry a range of diseases, many of which are not harmful to humans or livestock; however many are and so it is vital that businesses take appropriate preventative steps to protect their staff, customers and reputation.

The Pest Control measures that you take need to be proportionate to the needs of your business, for example, a high tech food manufacturing factory needs an entirely different specification of service to an engineering business or hotel, both thorough, just different!

We carry out an initial site assessment and discussion so that we completely understand the nature of the pest problem and the specific needs of the customer which ensures that our proposed solution is the right solution for the customer, every time.

We will tailor our service to fit your business needs such as:

  • Food Manufacturing, Our Premier Service is compliant with BRC Global Standards and all the leading Multiples.
  • Agriculture, Red Tractor and Farm Assured compliant. Highly effective rodent control programs.
  • Hospitality, Our service and reporting system will satisfy the pest control expectations of the Environmental Health Officers inspections and our 24 hour service will ensure a quick response to any pest issue that you may have, keeping you open for business.
  • Public Sector, we carry out our service at schools and hospitals to help keep the public safe.
  • Industry, we have a big portfolio of customers who just don’t want pests on their premises and don’t want any more involvement in the process than that, which is fine, you can have as much or as little input as you like, you’re the customer! We’ll sort the job out safely and effectively with the correct documentation and stay out of your hair while you concentrate on your business! However, when you do audit our service you’ll find every “T” crossed and “i” dotted, as you would expect from a company like Healthguard Ltd.
  • Domestic, pests in your home can cause panic and fear, we are quick to respond and will calmly have your house clear of pests in no time.

We fully acknowledge, comply with and support the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use. (CRRU)

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